Where the Charter School Initiative in WA Gets its Money

According to Ann Dornfeld, the campaign in favor of charter schools in Washington State (I-1240) has received nearly $9 million dollars mostly from ten donors.

Dornfeld also reports that, get this, merely one half of one percent of the donations in support of the Yes on 1240 campaign were under $10,000. Think about that for a second, what demographic of our society is supporting this policy, and what demographic of our society this will affect.

While this is by no means a reason to oppose charters by itself, when considered in conjunction with other factors, it should at least give us serious pause when we think about where the impetus for this is really coming from.


  1. This is a serious concern and needs to be analyzed properly. People are donating huge amounts to charter schools. I think a study should be conducted to know whether people fully support it or not.


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