Two Items for Those of Us Living in the Pacific Northwest

There are two things I've been trying to promote recently for concerned citizens in the Pacific Northwest. So please, if you agree that either of these are worth promoting, share on Facebook, Twitter, and everything else.

1) At the SOS Conference in DC a few weeks ago, the Washington State delegation decided it would be a good idea to generate a listserv focusing on education related news items from around the Pacific Northwest - i.e. Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. As corporate reform moves west, it will become increasingly important that those of us adamently opposed to it organize and find ways of connecting. The listserv is meant to serve as a way for us to share news items, thoughts, and possible actions from our specific communities.

So if you'd like to join, please either email me or go here.

2) The Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice is coming up Saturday, October 20 between 8-430 in Portland. It is for anyone interested in promoting social justice and I highly recommend it for teachers, students, and anyone remotely interested in bettering our public schools.

Again, if you have the time and interest, I would greatly appreciate you spreading the word about both of the opportunities. Thanks.


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