I don't know what the motives of the makers of this little video are. At times the reporter looks uninformed and at other times the marchers look unreasonable. You know what - I'm not even going to comment. Just watch it.

(PS - Mark Naison's rap that opens and ends the clip was possibly my favorite part of the whole day.)


  1. Okay - I do have to comment, but just one little comment.

    The reporter asks about first grade teachers being intellectuals, implying that they have nothing to be protected from. They may not need to be protected from radical ideas that offend society, but they very well may need protection if they decide to speak out about the numbers and data that are being emphasized over teaching and learning.

  2. Reason.tv is under the perview of The Reason Foundation, which bills itself as a Libertarian organization. Which explains her line of questioning.

  3. Anon at 821: Yea - I knew that much. I've seen Nick Gillespie talk, and he seems relatively intelligent. What I can't understand is why, if this is supposed to be promoting libertarian views the editors allow the reporter and her questions to come off so foolish at times. On the other hand, maybe I only think they do because of my bias.


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