Save Our Schools March

In just a little over a week, teachers and grassroots educational activists will converge on Washington, DC to make their voice heard in response to the overwhelming barrage of attacks they've been dealt by the corporate reform movement.

The Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action has been coordinated by a committed group of educators committed to real democracy and quality public education - ideals that cannot exist independent of one another. As John Dewey said, "Democracy has to be born anew every generation, and education is its midwife."

I am utterly in awe of the people who have worked to put this event together. They include parents, students, teachers, activists, and celebrities from across the country. They deserve an enormous thank you from all of us concerned with the direction education policy has been headed for quite some time now, but particularly since No Child Left Behind and the global financial meltdown (which has done wonders for the privatization efforts of neoliberal school reform advocates).

In an effort to help our voices be heard among the cacophony of the corporate reform drumbeats that hit everything from ABC Nightly News to Amtrak seatback magazines to Barnes and Noble summer reading lists to the editorial pages of your local newspaper on a daily basis, I strongly support donating to the SOS cause, which you do on their website.

I've recently heard from a few teachers hoping to attend but not sure if they want to put up the money for a hotel room. If you're in that boat, send me an email. I may know of a few places to stay.

Here's to getting geared up for DC, the amazing people who've organized the event, and what will hopefully be a powerful energizer for public education's advocates in continuing the thankless work required in fighting the dangerous forces of privatization and high-stakes testing.


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