School Breakfast

Every morning my students wait in line to get breakfast. Every other morning breakfast is brought out late and a few students try to leave my first period to get breakfast. A few times a week, I manage to have enough bananas, almonds, and raisins ready to keep kids on task. Rarely do the kids eat a healthy meal. Never do I feel good about the situation.

In the Bronx, and in many schools across the country, bureaucratic breakfast includes Corn Flakes, milk, a smaller sized juice, and a piece of string cheese.


  1. I know what you in ABQ the breakfast is crap too.

  2. What's wrong with cornflakes, milk, juice and a piece of string cheese? Sounds like a typical breakfast to me (better than many kids' breakfasts).

  3. I daily LOATHE and decry the poptarts distributed here...and try to talk to the kids about why poptarts aren't good for them.

    @Attorney DC - the corn flakes are made with corn flour that has had most of the nutrients and fiber stripped from it and they are laced with high fructose corn syrup and other sugars. Also there are two servings of dairy but no vegetables, and most fruit juice (especially that served by these kinds of programs) is actually only minimally juice and has shockingly high amounts of sugar. 100% fruit juice is unexpectedly rare.

  4. Well, all that food you keep on hand, how many IMPACT points would jason and Michelle giver you.

  5. I'll have to see if I can find the picture, but the lunch my students were given one day consisted of 1) milk, 2) a bag of Doritos which was roughly half-full, and 3) a small plastic container of nacho cheese.


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