Martha Infante on Urban Teaching

If you're looking for a great blog on education, InterACT cannot be beat. It's run by a group of teacher leaders from California who regularly post thoughtful analyses on happenings in education, particularly in California.

One of InterACT's contributors is a teacher named Martha Infante. Yesterday, another one of InterACT's contributors, David Cohen, posted a little talk Ms. Infante gave at an event held by the US DOE in San Jose. I thought it was phenomenal, and worth sharing in as many places as possible. Please take the time to watch it below. Infante's piece starts at 39:54. I haven't taken the time to watch the rest of it, but if you find some other good stuff in there, let me know.



  1. Thank you so much for the kind words about InterACT. The DOE did a fine job with this event, and I'm glad that this part of it was captured on video. There was an earlier portion that was private - Martha refers to it early in her remarks. I spoke to the Commissioners who were present and did some Q&A with them during that earlier, private session, and posted my remarks at InterACT, for anyone interested.


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