DOE Does UFT's Bidding

In The New Yorker's "Talk of the Town" section this week, Rebecca Mead tells the recent story of Courtney Sale Ross's failure to found and successfully operate a charter school serving poor black and Hispanic students by employing a "spiral-curriculum" and adorning the walls with "reproductions of Klimt, Picasso, and Rousseau."

According to DNAinfo,  25 percent of the school's population scored proficient in English and 31 percent in Math on state tests.

Despite six administrators in five years and losing 75 percent of the school's teaching staff last year, Ross (the widow of the former Time Warner CEO) was apparently shocked when she was informed last month that the DOE had slated her school for closure.

Who's behind this atrocity?  According to Ross and a legal petition her attorneys filed, the DOE was acting to appease the teachers union.

Even when charter schools fail, it's the union's fault.

P.S. See EdNotes here for more background.


  1. You seriously cannot make this stuff up if you tried.

    Someone needs to start a comic strip about education reformers and the (supposedly) evil unions.


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