Smart Kids?

Yesterday the science teacher across the hall from me (we'll call him Mr. Shrouder) showed us (a small group of staff who eat lunch together) a book his student had been carrying around: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. According to Mr. Shrouder, this student was excited about how much he enjoyed reading the book and seemed proud of his accomplishment (reading a book that is). Mr. Shrouder patted the student on the back and expressed his approval. However, when the student left class on Friday, he forgot his book at his lab station. Mr. Shrouder picked it up and realized the student hadn't been entirely honest about his book. While I'm sure he did find the book pretty useful, it wasn't because he was reading it. Instead, he'd taken a razor blade and removed enough of about 150 pages to fit the type of cellular device all the kids are using these days, or maybe something else. I'm gonna think cellphone though.

A lot of times I wonder if the metal detectors really detect anything at all...


  1. Do you not allow said cellular devices at your school? (I know kids shouldn't be using them in classes etc...)

  2. Did you remove a rather long posting about observations or am I dreaming?

  3. Kids don't have to be clever to pull a trick like that - just watch Shawshank Redemption. (smile)


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