AND We're Back

"Short Lived." The title of the e-mail that greeted me this morning. Less than two work days after having received the best news of my year, I was told that beginning next week I'll be teaching a senior capstone class during my third period.

"Thank you in advance for your flexibility," she says.

So here we go again. Meet all the kids again, prove to them that I'm worth listening to, and deal with the constant coming up with lessons on the fly because I have no idea what I'm doing with that class and will assuredly be given little to no support in how to handle it. I could feel my blood pressure rising as I read the e-mail. I had to loosen the tie and unbutton that top button.

Good lord.


  1. It's a class that students have to take in their junior and senior year worth a half-credit. They spend the entire course researching an issue regarding social justice that's important to them. The final performance piece is a presentation or outreach program that they put together in an attempt to change something about their world that they don't accept. It's a cool idea in theory. Unfortunately, it often gets dumped on unsuspecting teachers since it's a requirement to graduate at my school. Luckily, it is largely student-led.

  2. I'm curious, how many hours of planning do you have a week now?

  3. This week only I have two planning periods. But next week I'll be back to the typical one planning period, which lasts 80 minutes for us. So that's 6 hours and 15 minutes a week (as my plan period is cut short on Tuesdays for advisory), which is one of the nice things about teaching on a block schedule.

  4. Keep us updated on what social justice issue your students end up researching. I'd be interested to hear how that pans out.


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